Terms of Use

About the agreement of Terms of Use

I have you read the following Terms of Use carefully before the website “Token-Sale.in” (the following, this service) which Token-Sale Ltd. runs is used and I agree and would appreciate your using it.

I’m very sorry, but please refrain from the use by any chance when you cannot agree.

Your consider that you used it when you remitted a token, a currency, assets to the wallet in this service, and please let us handle it as the thing which had you agree to all the following conditions.

About the change of Terms of Use

Token Sale LTD. may change these terms without getting the consent of the customer.

In this case, I would appreciate your confirming the latest contents as the Terms of Use of this service shall depend on these latest terms after the change.

These terms after the change shall produce effect from a point in time when they displayed it on this service unless Token Sale LTD. establishes it separately.

About non-compliant wallet of this service

The service does not support any exchange wallets.

Remittances from an exchange wallet address may result in the loss of currency.

In that case, Token Sale LTD. Does not take any responsibility.

About responsibility, the duty of the user

The customer shall not have to perform the following acts in the use of this service.

(1) An act to violate the rights such as Token Sale LTD. or the partner company and the act that I might violate

(2) An act to violate the property such as Token Sale LTD. or the partner company and the act that I might violate

(3) An act to damage Token Sale LTD. or the partner company other than (1) (2) mentioned above and the act that I might give

(4) Act I use the harmful programs such as computer viruses in conjunction with through this service or this service or to offer

(5) Act with interfering with the administration of this service unfairly, and causing a disadvantage in Token Sale LTD. or the fear

(6) Act to violate the intellectual property rights such as the copyrights of Token Sale LTD. or the third party, other rights

(7) The act that slanders Token Sale LTD. or a third party, and slanders it or hurts honor or trust

(8) Act to disturb that other users use this service

(9) An act to violate the property, privacy, right of likeness of Token Sale LTD. or the third party or publicity right or the act that I might violate

(10) Against public order and morals or the act that might be

(11) In violation of laws and ordinances or the act that I might violate

(12) An act to be tied to a crime or a crime or act with the fear

(13) The second act that I use that the acquisition of the information and a correction copy the information from this site for the purpose of commercial use without permission from Token Sale LTD. using computer programs such as manual operation or the software

(14) In addition, act to judge that Token Sale LTD. is inappropriate

When about a decision when a user woke up a problem by an act against these terms of the customer or an unjust or illegal act about a decision when a user caused a problem or a tie-up company suffers damage, I may request the compensation for damages from the customer concerned.

About the damage that a customer and a dispute, the customer who got up between a third party gave a third party, they shall be settled in the responsibility and the burden on customer, and Token Sale LTD. does not take responsibility.

About the immunity from responsibility of the company

I do my best to include the delay of the server error and others block chain in Token Sale LTD., and to be able to use this service comfortably, but do not take responsibility for all about every damage to occur to user in using this service including a delay, the error of the server, other obstacles.

The use of this service hopes that you go all in the responsibility of user you.

Token Sale LTD. shall not take responsibility about the use of this service or the damage to produce by the use inability.

The customer agrees to service provided by partner companies and legal responsibility including the warranty liability to modify (say “services” as follows.) such as products belonging to the tie-up companies which provided the services concerned in this service.

Token Sale LTD. does not take responsibility about all damage by software due to the use of this service, an accident on the hardware, an obstacle of the communication environment, the trouble that occurred in between a third party with a customer, other accidents.

About site interruption, a change, the update of the company

I change the contents of this service or may be finished without notifying Token Sale LTD., a customer beforehand.

Token Sale LTD. does not take responsibility about a disadvantage, the damage that a customer took with the changes of the foregoing paragraph either.

When Token Sale LTD. corresponds to either following reasons, they stop a part or all of this service without notifying a customer beforehand or they may stop it.

(1) When I regularly or urgently perform the device for offers of each service, maintenance check, the update of the system

(2) When, by the inevitability such as a fire, a blackout, a natural disaster, the offer of each service is difficult

(3) When the labor of the person of telecommunications business of the first kind is not offered

(4) In addition, when we need the temporary halt to each service or a stop, or we judge it in in operation or a technique if the offer of each service is difficult

We do not take responsibility about a disadvantage, the damage that a user or a third party put on by the outbreak such as suspension, the stop of the offer of each service.

About intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark)

Token Sale LTD. or the provider has the right of intellectual property rights such as copyrights or right to use and others in all books, portraits, characters, marks in this service, other information. Or, even in the case of the private use in the limited range in the home, I consider the downloading of this service, the reproduction by printout or other methods to be an injustice personally. Please refrain from performing conversion (copy, upload, publication, quotation) of the information in this service and a program to other homepages and printed matter. Across a range recognized in other Copyright Act, it, please wait to use contents published in this service without permission.

The right about the trademark (a trademark and service mark) displayed by this service belongs to the rightful claimant who accepted the use in Token Sale LTD. or Token Sale LTD. Please refrain from using it for a rightful claimant without permission.